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Heads Up!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Or say "Alexa, enable Heads Up!"

Introducing "Heads Up!" for Amazon Alexa! "Heads Up!" is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres you play on your own by guessing Alexa's clues!

Introducing &quot;Heads Up!&quot; for Amazon Alexa! &quot;Heads Up!&quot; is the fun and hilarious game from Ellen DeGeneres that she plays on her show! <br/> <br/>Now you can play &quot;Heads Up!&quot; on your own with Alexa! Just tell Alexa to &ldquo;Open Heads Up!&rdquo;... and she&rsquo;ll provide clues to help you guess the word on the card, from naming celebrities to identifying your favorite movies. Guess the word before the timer runs out!<br/><br/>Get going and guessing with some fun, free decks, such as:<br/>- Superstars<br/>- Blockbuster Movies<br/>- Favorite Fictional Characters<br/> <br/>Plus, there&rsquo;s even more to choose from! With collections of 5 decks available for just $0.99 for Prime members or $2.99 without a Prime membership, and limited time decks (keep a look out!) available for $0.99, the hilarity never has to stop! Well, until the round is over, but then you can play another one.<br/> <br/>To learn how to play and practice, enable the skill and ask &quot;Alexa, open Heads Up! and play a practice round.&rdquo;<br/> <br/>&copy; 2017 Telepictures Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Invocation Name

heads up

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Heads Up! and play Superstars
Alexa play Heads Up!
Alexa start Heads Up!

Release Date

November 27th 2017