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Look up a HAZMAT Chemical by UN Number

Ask hazmat will satisfy your curiosity when you or your children see a commercial truck or tanker while driving. You simply tell Alexa the 4-digit number that's on the diamond placard and Alexa will tell you what's on the truck. Is it milk, gasoline, oxygen, or something bad you really don't want to follow on the road ? This is a great program for new cars that have Alexa built in, or if you've paired up an Echo Dot to your car bluetooth. The results come from a database copied from Wikipedia. Please only use this program for entertainment, not for emergency services.

Invocation Name

has mat

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask haz mat about one zero seven two
Alexa, Ask haz mat twelve twenty three
Alexa, Ask haz mat two five eight eight

Release Date

August 5th 2016