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Haunted Adventure


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Or say "Alexa, enable Haunted Adventure"

Navigate your way through a haunted house.

Alexa will act as your magical wizard as you navigate through a scary haunted mansion. You never know when something might creep out of the shadows and make a scary sound. Cats, ghouls, and mummies run rampant in these parts, so be careful. You do have Alexa to protect you, but find your way out fast, she only has one magical wand!<br/><br/>Use a scanner by saying, &quot;Use Scanner&quot;, and you can get a hint.<br/><br/>Are you brave enough to set Alexa's volume to level 10?<br/><br/>Special thanks to the sound contributors: Mike Koenig<br/>Maximilien<br/>Hipis<br/>Sarasprella <br/>rutgermuller<br/>Ca9

Invocation Name

haunted adventure

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start haunted adventure
Alexa, open haunted adventure
Alexa, begin haunted adventure

Release Date

July 20th 2017