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Harry Potter House Quiz

Alex Nicholls

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Think you know Harry Potter? Maybe you know random facts and tidbits, but in this skill asks the simple question. What house did they belong to in Hogwarts!

There are many wonderful and interesting characters in the Harry Potter books. Many have interesting stories and relationships. Some can transform, others see things that aren't quite there, however a large portion of the characters share one thing in common. They went to Hogwarts!<br/><br/>This skill will test your knowledge of characters houses, was Snape a Slytherin? <br/>Was Harry put into Gryffindor?<br/>Both of those are easy, but do you remember where the legendary Arthurian wizard Merlin was sorted? Or even the gamekeeper Hagrid himself!<br/>You will be asked 10 questions in this quiz, and all you have to guess is the House! <br/><br/>Good Luck!<br/><br/><br/>Note: When asking for the house of a character, give their full name where possible

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potter house quiz

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Alexa, ask potter house quiz to start a quiz
Alexa, ask potter house quiz to tell me about Severus Snape
Alexa, ask potter house quiz for information on Merlin

Release Date

September 6th 2017