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Harambe Facts

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After Harambe's tragic death, Harambe Facts can now contribute to keeping his memory alive.

May 28, 2016, will go down a dark day in history as the day humanity lost Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo. Now, Harambe Facts makes it easier to connect with your favorite Silverback. Grab your tissues as you ask Harambe Facts to remind you of your long lost friend. Although Harambe Facts can't revive him, it contributes to his memory. Rest in peace.

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harambe facts

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Alexa, ask Harambe Facts to tell me a Harambe Fact
Alexa, ask Harambe Facts to teach me something about Harambe
Alexa, ask Harambe facts to help me remember Harambe

Release Date

July 29th 2017