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Friendly and conversational way to learn about interesting topics.

Initially, this is just a learning experience. I really want an Echo Dot so I can intercom with my daughter. :-)<br/><br/>Long term, this skill could be a much more engaging and fun way to dive into topics. Would be great to ask Alexa for info about a historical topic like the Spanish-American war, and not just get the boring encyclopedia like entry. I want a good story! <br/><br/>The data exists, but we just need to edit Wikipedia articles to embed &quot;conversational trees&quot;. The skill would look up that meta-data, and use it to give the User a quick summary, and drill down. <br/><br/>The user doesn't need to do anything right now to make that happen.

Invocation Name

happy bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask happy bot to Tell me a Spanish American War fact
Alexa, give me a fact from happy bot.
Alexa, open happy bot.

Release Date

July 7th 2017