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Hangman Game

Alan Zimmerman

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Or say "Alexa, enable Hangman Game"

This is a word guessing game. Alexa thinks of a word and the player tries to guess the letters in the word.

In this word game, Alexa chooses a word and tells the player how many letters are in it. The player picks a letter from A to Z. Alexa tells the player if the letter is in the word, then spells the word, saying "blank" for any letters that haven't been guessed yet. The player begins by saying "Alexa, play hangman game." They can say "repeat" to hear the know letters again, "new game" to start over, "tell me the word" to hear the answer and quit, "goodbye" to quit, or "help" for more information.

Invocation Name

hangman game

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open hangman game
Alexa, play hangman game
Alexa, start hangman game

Release Date

June 27th 2016