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Ham Exam: Practice Amateur Radio Questions


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Or say "Alexa, enable Ham Exam: Practice Amateur Radio Questions"

Practice ham radio exam questions. Selects randomly from entire Technician question pool. Also see questions and answers on Alexa App. By Rich Clingman, W6WXY

Practice for the amateur radio Technician test. Alexa randomly selects questions from the entire Tech question pool. "Alexa, ask Ham Exam for a question" Alexa gives a question and four answers. Also displays as card in Alexa app. "The answer is three" - I'm sorry, that's incorrect. "Two" - That's correct. "Repeat the question" "Next question" "Give the answer" or "I give up" "Give summary" or "How am I doing?" "How does it work?" or "Help" If you know the answer, you can interrupt while Alexa is talking. For instance, "Alexa, the answer is three." Your attempts and successes are tracked, and you can, "Get summary.". Later we'll teach her to repeat questions you've missed and add the ability to take a practice exam that follows the structure of an actual exam. Thanks for your awesome review. Please direct your suggestions and bug reports to Rich Clingman at w6wxy@w6wxy.com

Invocation Name

ham exam

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Ham Exam for a question.
The answer is two.
How does it work?

Release Date

January 9th 2017