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Halloween Feel The Pressure

Drew Cosgrove

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Halloween Feel The Pressure

This game is called Halloween Feel the Pressure.<br/><br/>You progress through each foul level, by answering a terrifying question based on a horrifying letter of the alphabet, that Alexa diabolically selects.<br/><br/>Some questions are spine-chillingly easy, some questions are blood-curdlingly hard.<br/><br/>You need 10 correct answers in a row, to save your soul.<br/><br/>This game is best enjoyed in the dark.<br/><br/>&quot;I thought I was fiendish, until I played Halloween Feel the Pressure!&quot; - Count Dracula<br/><br/>&quot;Even I was shocked by the answers!&quot; - Dr. Frankenstein.<br/><br/>&quot;Some of the questions are really hairy!&quot;- A. Werewolf.<br/><br/>If you have any issues, or find any bugs, please email me at animal.letters@gmail.com and I&rsquo;ll resolve.<br/><br/>Please be aware that the author of this game was deceased when he wrote it.<br/><br/>If you'd like to see more games by the author, just type &quot;Drew Cosgrove&quot; into the search bar on the Alexa App or Amazon Skills page.

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halloween feel the pressure

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Release Date

September 12th 2017