Haiku Reader - Alexa Skill

Haiku Reader

Lisa Hütteroth

Or say "Alexa, enable Haiku Reader"

Haiku Reader reads a short poem, a so called Haiku, for the user.

A Haiku is a short poem and the skill &quot;Haiku Reader&quot; offers to read random Haikus to the user.<br/><br/>A user could say: <br/><br/>Alexa, ask Haiku Reader to tell me a Haiku.<br/><br/>Alexa would respond:<br/><br/>I have a Haiku for you:<br/>The last page is full.<br/>Scribbled notes and reminders.<br/>Goodbye dear notebook.

Invocation Name

haiku reader

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Haiku Reader.
Alexa, ask Haiku Reader to read me a poem.
Alexa, ask Haiku Reader to tell me a Haiku.

Release Date

November 20th 2017