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Or say "Alexa, enable Hager IoT"

Control Hager IoT Controller (TJA560) with Alexa.

Hager IoT Controller (TJA560) is a gateway that enhances your KNX electrical installation by making it compatible with tens of connected objects. By linking it to the Amazon Echo skill, you are able to control any device of your KNX installation with the sound of your voice. Reach into a new world of possibilities using the Hager IoT Controller TJA560 (required for this skill) and combine it with Amazon Alexa to simplify your daily life with the sound of your voice. It is as easy as asking Alexa to turn outlets and lights on or off, adjust dimmers, move up or down shutters, turn on or off speakers, set connected thermostats and much more.<br/><br/>Please note that it is essential that you own a KNX system at your home and also a preconfigured Hager TJA560 hardware as your IoT Controller is required to use this skill or it will not work.<br/><br/>To get started, you first need to create a free account on our cloud. Then select the &lsquo;Enable Skill&rsquo; button in the Alexa App to authorize your Hager IoT Controller cloud account and you are ready to talk.<br/><br/>When using the skill, you can specify a defined scene or trigger a specific task for your home - here are some of our favorites things to talk about:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, set the living room to 22 degrees&rdquo;<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn on living room sonos&rdquo;<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn on good morning&rdquo;<br/><br/>Please contact your local electrician to find out more about the Hager TJA560 IoT Controller.

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on kitchen light
Alexa, dim living room
Alexa, set living room to 50 percent

Release Date

March 20th 2017