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Or say "Alexa, enable Hacker Mode"

Hacker Mode can help you with ASCII, Hex, HTML or URL encodings, NetCat, NMap, well-known Ports, HTTP verbs, HTTP response codes, HTTP headers, Rick Roll...

A conversational skill that provides techies the ability to ask questions about topics like:<br/>ASCII, Hex, HTML, and URL encoding, as well as how-to questions about NetCat, NMap, Metasploit, HTTP Verbs, and HTTP Headers. Hacker Mode also has a growing database of Known Ports. <br/><br/>Imagine you're working on a network, web server, or programming issue. You can ask Alexa for help with nearly any topic you come across in your quest to fix whatever is wrong. <br/><br/>Just say: &quot;Alexa, Hacker Mode&quot; and ask questions like...<br/> What runs on port four four five?<br/> What is the hex encoding for capital A?<br/> How do you URL encode double-quote?<br/> What is the command for sending a file with NetCat?<br/> What is the HTTP response code 505? <br/> What is the HTML encoding for ampersand?<br/> What does the HTTP verb GET do?<br/> What is the HTTP header Refer?<br/> What is the N-map command for scan an IP address?<br/> What is the N-map command for a scan using syn?<br/> What is the N-map command for doing a TCP connect scan?<br/> In Metasploit, how do you see what options a module has?<br/> Help me.<br/><br/>These are just a very small sampling of the things you can ask for within each type of intent. Each area of knowledge contains dozens, if not hundreds of things that can be asked for. <br/><br/>Of course, you can phrase questions in different ways, as well, so if one way isn't recognized please don't give up. See the samples above for a small sampling of some general question structures.<br/><br/>Say &quot;help me&quot; and Hacker Mode will give you different ideas of things to ask about. Each time you ask, it will give you different ideas for things you can request.<br/><br/>No special hardware is needed to run Hacker Mode beyond a normal Alexa client. An echo, View, Tap, or even a CoWatch can help you have this skill available wherever you go. When using this app, you will probably want to log into the companion app or companion web site to see the syntax data and visual feedback provided with each answer. For complex answers, Hacker Mode will provide command syntax to your app or web interface of your Alexa account. Hacker Mode stays active until it times out or until you exit, or cancel, in order to allow you to ask multiple questions in a row without having to re-initiate the skill.

Invocation Name

hacker mode

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Hacker Mode
What runs on port 53?
What is the HTML encoding for forward slash?

Release Date

October 31st 2017