Hack Night - Alexa Skill

Hack Night

Anil KC

Or say "Alexa, enable Hack Night"

Hack Night skill to vote Lightning Talk for the day.

This is Hack Night voting skill. You can vote Lightning Talks for the day if you have received the voter number when you get registered. Once you receive the voter number you can use it.<br/><br/>This is a conversational skill meaning you don't have to wake up Alexa everytime you want to do something. Alexa will wait for your response.<br/><br/>You have to open the skill first by saying:<br/>Alexa, open hack night.<br/><br/>It'll ask for your 4 digit voter number. You can say:<br/>my voter number is one two three four <br/>You can also say:<br/>my four digit voter number one two three four<br/><br/>It will ask for confirmation, you can responding by saying yes or no.<br/><br/>You can list the talks for today to which you can vote by saying<br/>Talks for today<br/>Or, you can also say:<br/>Give me the list of lightning talks<br/><br/>While Alexa lists the talks, please note down the 4 digit unique number that you want to vote for.<br/>You can say:<br/>I want to vote for four five six seven<br/><br/>It will ask for confirmation, you can responding by saying yes or no.<br/><br/>Once successfully voted, Alexa will let you know which talk you voted for and which talk is winning.<br/><br/>You can come back later and ask for whom did you vote by saying:<br/>Who did I vote for<br/><br/>Note that you will be required to provide voter number before you can do anything with this skill. <br/>You can also ask talk with leading vote by saying:<br/>Who is winning<br/>Or<br/>Give the status<br/><br/>You can get out of the conversation by saying Alexa Cancel. You can stop Alexa's response during the middle of response by saying Alexa Stop.

Invocation Name

hack night

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell hack night my voter number is one five eight seven
Alexa, ask hack night to provide the list of lightning talks
Alexa, ask hack night who is winning

Release Date

August 3rd 2017