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Or say "Alexa, enable Habit Guru by LifeMAPP"

Get the new Habit Guru skill to learn some great new habits to add a spark of energy to your life - more features coming soon.

Welcome to Habit Guru by LifeMAPP. By simply asking, 'Alexa, open Habit Guru' or 'Alexa, ask Habit Guru for today's habit&quot;, you'll get a great short lesson that will boost your day.<br /><br />Tweet @lifemapp if you have any fun ideas or needs you'd like to see grow in this Alexa skill and we'd be happy to review it as we add new content weekly.<br /><br />We will be growing this Alexa Skill quickly (March 2017) to include new features that allow you to hear a habit of the day and even ask Alexa direct questions about your personal growth needs.<br /><br />LifeMAPP is a global mentoring organization who&rsquo;s primary goal is to bring inspiration and beneficial change to the lives of those who seek to improve their surroundings and support.

Invocation Name

habit guru

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Habit Guru
today's habit
yesterday's habit

Release Date

February 23rd 2017