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HOWL Alert

HOWL Alert

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Or say "Alexa, enable HOWL Alert"

HOWL Alert is the first voice-activated security skill to trigger an alarm while alerting not only professional monitoring but your Pack.

HOWL Alert triggers an alarm while alerting your Pack—a trusted network of family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, etc.—in addition to professional monitoring (with subscription) whenever you need help. Just say, “Alexa: Alert Pack” to activate the alarm and send alerts. Free users can only send alerts to Pack members. Monitored users alert Pack as well as professional monitoring. You can cancel the alarm/alerts by saying, “Alexa: Cancel” and speaking your 4-digit Cancelation Code. You can also speak a Silent Code to silence the alarm while continuing to route alerts. This skill integrates with the free HOWL Alert App, which you’ll need to download in order to build your Pack and take advantage of more great features.

Invocation Name

alert pack

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Alert Pack.
Alexa, Start Alert Pack.
Alexa, Open Alert Pack.

Release Date

November 7th 2017