Gypsy Sticks - Alexa Skill

Gypsy Sticks

RMR Entertainment, LLC


Or say "Alexa, enable Gypsy Sticks"

Keep up to date on the latest Gypsy Sticks shows. Hidden Easter Eggs included!

The Gypsy Sticks Skill will allow the user to find out when and where Gypsy Sticks is performing. Find out where they are tonight, this week, next week and more. As a bonus, there's even a little bit of humor included in the skill. Just ask Alexa who her favorite Gyspy Sticks band member is!

Invocation Name

gypsy sticks

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Gypsy Sticks when they play again.
Ask Gypsy Sticks what shows they have this week.
Ask Gypsy Sticks to play me a song.

Release Date

June 7th 2017