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Or say "Alexa, enable GuessNumber"

The system randomly matches a number within 100, you can guess, the system will give you prompt, guide you to guess the correct answer. It is convenient for par

The game's rule: The system generates a random number &quot;A&quot;, and the player gives a random number &quot;B&quot;. The system gives a relationship to &quot;B&quot; and &quot;A&quot;, and the player guesses the correct answer from the cue.<br/>You can get the game rule tips by saying &quot;help&quot;.<br/>Family users can recommend this game to their children, and children can improve their mathematical logic level in the game.<br/>Now enjoy the fun of the game

Invocation Name

guess number

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open guess number.
Alexa, start guess number.

Release Date

November 11th 2017