Guess that Pokémon! - Unofficial Game - Alexa Skill

Guess that Pokémon! - Unofficial Game

Serenity Speech Tech

Or say "Alexa, enable Guess that Pokémon! - Unofficial Game"

Can you guess any Pokemon from the original games by their Pokédex description? Try in this fun unofficial Pokémon game!

Try to guess the Pok&eacute;mon from the original set of 151 in this fun trivia game. Alexa will provide you with the Pok&eacute;mon's Pok&eacute;dex entry. This game is fan made and unofficial.<br/><br/>Just say: Alexa, start Unofficial Pokemon Game<br/><br/>Play multiple times to guess all the Pok&eacute;mon!<br/><br/>Look out for more unofficial Pok&eacute;mon games to come!<br/><br/>This skill is no way supported by the Pokemon Company or any of it's subsidiaries. The Pokemon data is from the Pokemon API.

Invocation Name

unofficial pokemon game

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start Unofficial Pokemon Game
Alexa, launch Unofficial Pokemon Game
Alexa, open Unofficial Pokemon Game

Release Date

July 28th 2017