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Guess The Number

Seth Tenembaum


Or say "Alexa, enable Guess The Number"

This skill lets you join an engaging mystery! Discover the magic number by taking guesses and refining your strategy.

Guess the Number lets you enter an engaging mystery. Your job is to find the magic number by taking guesses. You will receive hints along the way: whether you need to guess higher or lower. Open Guess the Number, start a game, and take some guesses!<br/><br/>There are some exciting features to look forward to.<br/>Soon you will be able to select your difficulty by specifying the range of numbers to guess from.<br/>A brief lesson on binary search trees will be available in the future.<br/>You may pick a sequence from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences to guess from. This feature does not have a set release date.

Invocation Name

guess the number

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Guess the Number
Let's play
Guess 50

Release Date

June 6th 2017