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Guess My Face

Dustin Runnells

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Or say "Alexa, enable Guess My Face"

Guess My Face is a face guessing game, similar to the popular "Guess Who" game.

Guess My Face is a feature guessing game. A &quot;card&quot; is generated for each game with a random assortment of faces displayed in an Alexa app card or on the website. The object of the game is to narrow down the possible features of your opponent's face by asking yes or no type questions until you are certain of their face. The first person to guess their opponent's face correctly wins the game!<br/><br/>Playing Guess My Face will require you to visit to choose or generate a &quot;card&quot; so that both you and Alexa are looking at the same faces.

Invocation Name

guess my face

Interaction Examples

Alexa, play Guess My Face
Alexa, tell Guess My Face to open card number 55555
Do you have Red Hair?

Release Date

May 23rd 2017