Guess My Age - Alexa Skill

Guess My Age


Or say "Alexa, enable Guess My Age"

This skill will figure out your age based on the a random number guessed by you. Its fun to try out and Alexa will totally amuse you with this number game.

This skill is meant to entertain customers and engage them in a fun activity. This skill is just another mathematics trick. You are asked to guess a number and then follow a defined set of calculations on that number. With the final answer provided by the customer to this skill, Alexa finds out what number you guessed initially and what is your current age. <br/>This skill is designed to be very user-friendly. It's very simple to operate. You launch the skill first. Then, you have to simply keep moving with the steps. There are no difficult phrases to be used for this skill. You may/may not need a calculator for adding/subtracting huge numbers. It totally depends on how good you are at playing with numbers.

Invocation Name

guess my age

Interaction Examples

Alexa start playing the game Guess My Age
Tell me the next step
Please repeat this step

Release Date

January 2nd 2018