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Or say "Alexa, enable Guardian Technologies"

With the Gi Gi skill and Alexa, you can now communicate with your smart Guardian TechnologiesTM products by voice.

With the Gi Gi skill and Alexa, you can now communicate with your smart Guardian Technologies&trade; products by voice. To get started, select the &ldquo;Enable Skill&rdquo; button in the Alexa App to link your Guardian Technologies&trade; account and discover your device(s). More information about connecting devices to Alexa can be found at <br />Note: Before using this skill you need to first download the Guardian TE mobile app, create an account and set-up your new smart device with our Guardian TE application. As you&rsquo;re setting up the app, you will create a name for each device you&rsquo;ve purchased. When using the skill, the name you have created for each device will be the name(s) used to identify which device to control. <br />When you&rsquo;re ready to use the skill you will first tell Alexa to &ldquo;open Gi Gi.&rdquo; You can control several options on your device and you start by telling Alexa to &ldquo;ask Gi Gi.&rdquo; For example, to turn on the device that you may have named &ldquo;Bedroom&rdquo; you can say &ldquo;Alexa, ask Gi Gi to turn on Bedroom.&rdquo; To set the fan speed you can say &ldquo;Alexa, ask Gi Gi to set the fan speed of Bedroom to 5.&rdquo; Or, find out the air quality by asking &ldquo;Alexa, ask Gi Gi the air quality of Bedroom.&rdquo;<br />For additional help or if you have questions, please contact us at or visit and select the detailed product page of the device you own and review the FAQ&rsquo;s section at the bottom of the page.

Invocation Name

gi gi

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Gi Gi
Alexa, ask Gi Gi to turn on air purifier
Alexa, ask Gi Gi for air purifier

Release Date

January 25th 2017