GroupValet - Alexa Skill



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Or say "Alexa, enable GroupValet"

When used in conjunction with the GroupValet website or app, this skill will let you ask Alexa what activities you have coming up at your club or organization.

This skill lets club and organization members ask Alexa about upcoming activities and events. From your weekly golf game to your committee meeting, Alexa can let you know what's coming up and what you're signed up for.<br/>Be sure to link Alexa to your existing GroupValet account. To link your account, enable this skill in the Alexa app. Not sure if you have a GroupValet account or not? Ask your club or group captain.

Invocation Name

group valet

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask GroupValet what I'm signed up for on this week.
Alexa, ask GroupValet what's coming up next week.
Alexa, ask GroupValet what golf I have coming up this month.

Release Date

June 30th 2017