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Green World



Or say "Alexa, enable Green World"

Start you green lifestyle now with simple everyday changes by getting to know facts, help with tips and ideas from Green World.

The skill is designed to help everyone who has access to it know about "green" facts, and get ideas on how to go green in everyday life. Recycling/reusing ideas, simple changes that have a huge impact and lead to more environmental friendly living. Little things that we do not know, or we know but forget to implement quickly add up to contribute to the landfills or pollution we send into the air. Small changes, everyday, can help protect mother nature and create a beautiful home for our future generations!

Invocation Name

green world

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask green world to give me a green fact
Alexa ask green world how can we go green
Alexa ask green world to tell me a green idea

Release Date

April 26th 2017