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Good Vibe


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Or say "Alexa, enable Good Vibe"

Create personalized commands and responses for Alexa

Create custom commands and responses for Amazon Alexa. You configure the phrase that will trigger the command and how Alexa should respond, it can be either by speaking the text you wrote or by playing an audio file of your choice or your recorded voice. <br /><br />After you have enabled the skill, please visit to define and manage your commands.<br /><br />With personalized commands, you can cheer up yourself and your close ones, have fun with family and surprise friends. <br /><br />Bring in the Good Vibe!

Invocation Name

good vibe

Interaction Examples

Alexa open Good Vibe
Alexa tell Good Vibe good morning
Alexa ask Good Vibe to play my guitar recording

Release Date

February 22nd 2017