Good Housewife - Alexa Skill

Good Housewife

Mandy Chan


Or say "Alexa, enable Good Housewife"

This is an unofficial flash briefing that tells you different headlines from the good housekeeping

The skill reads the latest headlines from Good Housekeeping. Categories include home ideas, health, life, beauty, food and recipes, and holidays. Users can start the skill by saying "Alexa, open good housewife" and then ask for the available categories. They can choose which category they wish to hear the headlines from and change the category at any time. When Alexa ask if they want to continue,, users can say keep going to continue or no, stop, cancel to end the skill.

Invocation Name

good housewife

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open good housewife
Tell me the categories
I would like to hear home ideas

Release Date

November 17th 2016