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Service that helps people to find out if food is healthy or no.

Good Eats helps adults and minors to find out if particular food or food item is healthy or not. The data used in Good Eats is acquired from open contents and Good Eats services is not responsible for accuracy of the data. The answers, provided by Good Eats should not be used as rule or diet and common sense shall be always applied when following the answers that the application is providing. If you have special condition, you should consult with your doctor. Keep in mind that some food items that are healthy for one person, can be harmful for another (allergies, special diets, genetical and acquired diseases).

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Alexa ask Good Eats Is broccoli healthy
Alexa ask Good Eats are brussels sprouts healthy
Alexa ask Good Eats is french fries good for you

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December 28th 2016