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Going on a Picnic Skill

David Suarez

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Or say "Alexa, enable Going on a Picnic Skill"

Alexa, I'm going on a picnic! The fun memory game to play with Alexa.

Compete against Alexa in the picnic game. Bring a new item and remember all of the previous items. Previous items should be read in alphabetical order. Example:<br/>You: Alexa, I am going on a picnic<br/>Alexa: what are you bringing?<br/>You: I am bringing apples (any &quot;a&quot; word you choose)<br/>Alexa: good, I am bringing bats (any &quot;b&quot; word Alexa chooses). We have bats, apples. What are you bringing?<br/>You: I am bringing cobwebs, bats and apples<br/>... and so on...<br/><br/>Alexa may stop listening too early if you are thinking of the next word, say &quot;ummm&quot; while thinking of the next word as a work around. A feature request has been sent for Alexa, this work around will do the trick for now. Example: I am bringing cobwebs ummm umm umm bats and apples. The key is that more than 2 seconds cannot go between words without a filler word like umm.

Invocation Name

i'm going on a picnic

Interaction Examples

Alexa, I'm going on a picnic
I want to go on a picnic
I am bringing apples

Release Date

January 2nd 2018