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Goal Tracker by Hoogalit


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Or say "Alexa, enable Goal Tracker by Hoogalit"

Keep track of your goals. Decide on a goal and target e.g. jogging, 4 times a week. Track your goal by telling Alexa each time you jog. Can you reach your goal?

I need to practice piano five times this week or go jogging 4 times this week or floss teeth 7 times this week. Got small, everyday goals? With Goal Tracker you can reach yours and your family’s small goals. Then, as you make progress, Alexa will be there, to keep track and cheer you on as you achieve your goals. Here's how it works: * Set a small, specific goal in 1-2 words e.g. jogging * Set a target, i.e. the number of times you’ll go jogging e.g. 4 times this week * Each time you go jogging, say, “Alexa, ask Goal Tracker to add one to jogging”, to keep count towards your goal of 4. This is a free skill. We want to help people grow and do more in life. We’re a husband and wife team who have put our time and money into it. With version 1 of this skill, you can: * Set and keep track of multiple goals, including group goals e.g. family meditation. * Reset a goal back to zero. * Delete one or all goals. * Keep your goal until you delete or reset. We’d love feedback to keep improving this skill, but please be kind and constructive with your thoughts. This skill is created by Hoogalit LLC

Invocation Name

goal tracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Goal Tracker
Alexa, ask Goal Tracker to add a goal
Alexa, ask Goal Tracker to add one to jogging

Release Date

December 22nd 2016