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Sun, surf, and beaches, Goa is the ultimate tourist destination on India's west coast. Know before you go. Explore its popular attractions, hear latest news,

With its exquisite mix of sun, surf, and beaches, Goa has become the ultimate tourist destination. Goa is India's smallest state, located on its west coast. Goa with its natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches, famous for its architecture and hospitable people with a rich culture. So get swept away in Goa by the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.<br/><br/>Some things you can say:<br/>&quot;Alexa, launch Goa Guide&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, ask Goa Guide for the top five things to do&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, ask Goa Guide to tell me about Goa&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, ask Goa Guide for the local news&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, ask Goa Guide where I should go&quot;<br/><br/>Now go and rejuvenate yourself in sunny Goa.

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June 27th 2017