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Go Fish - The Card Game

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Or say "Alexa, enable Go Fish - The Card Game"

Play the classic card game, Go Fish!

Go Fish - The Card Game is just like the classic card game in which you try to beat out your opponent by collecting more sets of cards than them. Each player (you and Alexa) start with 7 cards, and the starting player is determined by a random draw. Once play starts, you each take turns asking each other for all of their cards of a specific face value, for example &quot;do you have any Aces?&quot;.<br/><br/>If they have any, they must give them to you, and you get to go again. If they don't have any, you must &quot;Go Fish&quot; by picking up a free card from the deck. If the card you pick up matches the one you asked for, you get to go again, otherwise your turn is over.<br/><br/>Once a player has all four cards of a specific value, that set is complete that set and the player gets a point. The person with the most points when all cards have been played is the winner.<br/><br/>In this game, there are 4 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. By default, if you do not specify a difficulty the first game is set to medium, otherwise the game starts at your last played difficulty. You can start a harder game by saying &quot;Alexa, ask go fish to start a new game on hard&quot; etc.<br/><br/>If you would like to hear you overall games played/wins/losses, you can say &quot;tell me my stats&quot;, or clear your stats by saying: delete my stats.

Invocation Name

go fish

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Go Fish to start a new game.
Do you have any Aces?
What cards do I have?

Release Date

September 3rd 2017