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Global Year Quiz

Matt Lewis

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Can you guess the year of famous events around the globe? How do you rank against the rest of the globe?

Global Year Quiz is a fun trivia quiz that challenges you to guess the year in which famous events took place around the globe. Every answer is a 4 digit year. How well do you know your historical, sporting, music and general knowledge facts?<br/><br/>You have 90 seconds to answer as many questions as you can. If you don't know the answer you can say &quot;pass&quot; or &quot;I don't know&quot; to move onto the next question. Guess close but not quite right, and you might be lucky enough to be asked to try again.<br/><br/>At the end of each game, find out where your high score ranks on the monthly global leaderboard.<br/><br/>What are you waiting for, enable the Global Year Quiz skill and ask &quot;Alexa, open Global Year Quiz&quot;.<br/><br/>For any feedback, suggestions or update requests, email us at

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global year quiz

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December 15th 2017