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Or say "Alexa, enable Glad Recycler"

Glad Recycler is a simple and fun way to quickly check if an item is recyclable and what to do with it. Trash has never been so entertaining!

Glad Recycler is an easy and entertaining service to help you quickly identify if an item is recyclable. Drawing from hundreds of common (and uncommon) items, this skill will not only help to make your household trash sorting a breeze, but also educate your family with fun recycling tips. Pulling data from dozens of resources — including the EPA and major universities — we’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive national databases around. Then we trained Alexa to quickly search through this list, and deliver recycling facts and trivia to you on-demand and with a smile. Simply tell Alexa to talk to Glad Recycler, and then inquire away. You can ask about everything from shampoo bottles to pizza boxes to compact discs — plus the list is growing all the time. It’s a simple, fun, and useful skill that you can use over and over again while still learning something new!

Invocation Name

glad recycler

Interaction Examples

Alexa, talk to Glad Recycler
Alexa, Ask Glad Recycler if I can recycle my pizza box
Alexa, Tell Glad Recycler I have a battery that I would like to recycle

Release Date

October 5th 2016