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Help for genius entrepreneurs who want to create, launch, and fund viral businesses & products while changing their business mindset.

Starting a business or launching a product takes an adventurous mindset, it's kind of like leaping out of a plane and hoping your parachute will open! How many Friday nights have you sat in front of your TV watching shows like Shark Tank? Have you screamed at your screen &quot;Take the deal!&quot; <br/><br/>The Girl Genius Podcast unlocks the closely guarded secrets to launching a viral product or business using the same tricks and methods that the big guys use! <br/><br/>Does starting a business make you sweat like a polar bear in the desert? Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines watching your competition catch all the breaks and the unicorns? <br/>&#8203;<br/>Are you ready to get the attention you deserve? Are you ready to Get Viral?<br/><br/>The Girl Genius podcast is full of tips and tricks to get you and your business ready to launch and get noticed while changing your mindset! <br/><br/>&#8203;<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>*Not affiliated in anyway with Shark Tank, Sony Picture, or Studio Foglio, LLC <br/>Copyright 2017 Girl Genius Podcast &amp; Girl Genius Creative LLC.

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January 12th 2017