GigglesWare - Alexa Skill


Sankar Puchala


Or say "Alexa, enable GigglesWare"

Track your kid's naps,foods,activities and others using Alexa to log them and query them later

Giggles allows you to to log every precious moment of the little ones in your day care. Be it food, naps, pottys, activities and others like problems, concerns, supplies needed and any other comments, just say "Alexa, tell giggles Tyler slept like an angel today" and Giggles will take care of the request. To use the skill, you need to have an account with GigglesWare at Sign up as day care with GigglesWare and once done, activate the skill on Alexa and enter your user name, password once prompted for once and you are all set. To command or query GigglesWare, you also need to have kids in your account. You can add a short form of kid to your account by "Alexa, ask giggles to add James Bruce to my account". To enter long form of kid which include kid's guardian info, allergies, email and others, please login to and Add Kid under Kids section. Some of the sample commands and queries that you can use Alexa, tell giggles Gail has a fever Alexa, tell giggles Drew needs clothes Alexa, ask giggles did Alex take any naps Disclaimer: This skill is meant for parents/child care centers/guardians to track their child's progress and may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, Tell giggles John slept for two hours
Alexa, Ask giggles what did Hannah eat today
Alexa, Tell giggles Emilio learned how to use a fork today

Release Date

October 19th 2016