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Gift Ideas

Jonathan Burow

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Or say "Alexa, enable Gift Ideas"

Easily keep track of gift ideas for your friends and family, right when you think of them!

Ever find yourself trying to come up with good gift ideas for your friends or family members at the last minute, and you're angry with yourself because you KNOW you had a great idea for them months ago? Well now you don't need to have that struggle any longer! With Gift Ideas for Alexa, you can simply tell the skill your idea and it will remember it for you and when you're ready for your ideas, simply ask Alexa again. It's that easy!<br /><br />COMING SOON:<br />Gift Ideas will get all sorts of great updates over the coming months. We intend to add specific birth date and event-specific gift idea tracking (i.e. you might have some ideas for someone specifically for Christmas vs. their birthday) and a Flash Briefing skill that will use those dates to remind you about shopping when those dates are getting close. Stay tuned for more!

Invocation Name

gift ideas

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Gift Ideas to add Benjamin.
Alexa, tell Gift Ideas to add toy train for Benjamin.
Alexa, ask Gift Ideas what is on my list for Benjamin?

Release Date

February 28th 2017