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Get MY YTD points

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Or say "Alexa, enable Get MY YTD points"

This skill enables the users to get their YTD (Year to date) points which they have accumulated over a period of time by being a Zodiac pool care partners.

This skill will allow the Zodiac Pool Systems partners to check their YTD (Year to date) points, which they accumulate by ordering various pool services parts through Zodiac parts services. Currently this skill returns YTD points for only a specific user which is hard-coded in the corresponding Lambda function. In future this skill will be extended to fetch YTD points by passing the vendor dynamically by having user utter their name or vendor id. However for the demo purpose this skill will use a specific vendor to fetch the YTD points. The idea behind publishing this skill is to primarily educate the client about Alexa dot and the features of Alexa development tool-kit.

Invocation Name

my points

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask my points

Release Date

February 19th 2017