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Geostationary Weather Satellite Quizzer

Jordan Gerth

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Or say "Alexa, enable Geostationary Weather Satellite Quizzer"

This quizzer is a trivia skill that will test your knowledge of geostationary weather satellites. The intended users are operational meteorologists.

This skill will ask five questions about geostationary weather satellites. Each question is multiple choice with four possible answers. You are to say the answer of the letter corresponding to the best answer. You can either say only the letter, ask Alexa to repeat the question, or give up and tell Alexa "I don't know". This skill is not sponsored or endorsed by the United States or any foreign government that owns or operates geostationary weather satellites, or any contractor that has built the instrumentation.

Invocation Name

geo weather satellite quizzer

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Geo Weather Satellite Quizzer
The answer is A
I don't know

Release Date

January 6th 2017