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Genius Flashcard, bringing Flashcards to the next level !

A large number of flashcards, covering multiple subjects: Math, English, History, Science, Foreign Language, and more ...<br /><br />Smart:<br />* The app remembers what cards needs more practice, and will ask them again until you reach the perfect score<br />* Each side of the card can be used for questioning .. use 'Reverse' or 'Random' to change the default sequence<br />* Some card sets use the companion app for visual support <br /><br />Users with a plan can add their own card sets through a simple web interface.<br />This app is ideal for learners that are better with audio / spoken content. Everyone learns his own way, and this app combines the ease of use of the audio interface with the well known flashcard practice.

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genius flashcard

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Alexa, Ask Genius Flashcard what set can I study ?
Alexa, Ask Genius Flashcard to Start a new lesson
Alexa, Ask Genius Flashcard to Create a new set

Release Date

February 14th 2017