Or say "Alexa, enable GeneralFAQs"

Question with answer about bank features.

This skill will give answer for your question regarding Alexa and its features. And also know about net banking.<br/>Its just features of FAQ.<br/><br/>You can ask some of queries in various categories as follow<br/>1.What can Alexa do<br/>2.How can I get Alexa<br/>3.How do I set my Device Location<br/>4.Do I need to register a new Amazon account<br/>5.tell about Internet banking<br/>6.Can I use net banking abroad<br/>7.How do I terminate this service

Invocation Name

answer teller

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch answer teller
Alexa, ask answer teller What is Alexa
Alexa, ask answer teller How do I add a new Amazon Alexa Skill

Release Date

July 27th 2017