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Gene Hiller

Or say "Alexa, enable Gene Hiller Stylist"

Gene Hiller Stylist is your voice activated style assistant for all occasions. Communicate with your device to receive detailed style advice within the context

Gene Hiller stylist has been built on the knowledge of influential fashion consultants. They have assisted men from all over the world achieve the look they desire. Fashion has always been event based, therefore Gene Hiller Stylist was designed to provide you with style advice within the context of any event. We understand that the clothes you wear create the first impression. Coordination and fit are the two vital factors. To ensure your clothing fits nicely, we have taught your device to record certain measurements. Other measurements will require direct communication with Gene Hiller Consultants. Lastly, we provide quality advice and garments within different price points so that our service is accessible to those who choose to use it. Whether fashion is one of your hobby’s or you just need assistance with your styling, Gene Hiller Stylist will be a valuable addition to your life. E-mail or Call us anytime! – The Gene Hiller Team

Invocation Name

gene hiller stylist

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Gene Hiller Stylist
Alexa, launch gene hiller stylist
Alexa , start gene hiller stylist

Release Date

October 16th 2017