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Exclusive Garmin-connected GPS navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions to specific destinations, activated by simply saying, "Alexa, ask Garmin ..."

You must own a Garmin Speak&trade; device to use this skill.<br/><br/>Turn words into actions with Garmin Speak&trade; with Amazon Alexa. It&rsquo;s an in-vehicle voice service with Garmin navigation. Enable the Garmin skill, and the Garmin Speak device will serve as your always-ready driving companion*, with hands-free access to Amazon&rsquo;s popular Alexa Voice Service technology and reliable Garmin GPS street navigation.<br/><br/>Garmin Speak works with the audio system in your vehicle, providing high-quality sound through your existing car stereo speakers** using Bluetooth&reg; or AUX. It also leverages the growing list of Amazon Alexa Skills to bring you a full range of voice-activated audio infotainment, smart home automation*** and other lifestyle-enhancing features on the go. Plus, exclusive Garmin-connected GPS navigation gives you turn-by-turn directions to specific destinations, activated by simply saying, &ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin &hellip;&rdquo; Anywhere**** you want to go, Garmin Speak makes the going easier, smarter and more enjoyable. <br/><br/>Try these commands using the Garmin skill:<br/><br/>FIND PLACES<br/>Nearby places: <br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find some BBQ.&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find the nearest car wash.&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find a QuikTrip.&rdquo;<br/><br/>Places near a city:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find a coffee shop near Seattle, Washington.&rdquo;<br/><br/>Places near a street or intersection:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find a gas station near Main Street.&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to find a Chinese restaurant near 12th street and Vine Street.&rdquo;<br/><br/>Saved Places:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to take me to work.&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to go home&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to start a route to school.&rdquo;<br/><br/>CITIES<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to go to Kansas City, MO.&rdquo;<br/><br/>INTERSECTIONS<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to take me to Michigan Avenue and Erie Street.&rdquo;<br/><br/>GET ROUTE INFORMATION<br/>Time and distance:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, are we there yet?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, how much farther?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, what time will we arrive?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, where am I?&rdquo;<br/><br/>Road conditions:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, what&rsquo;s the speed limit?&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, how&rsquo;s traffic?&rdquo;<br/><br/>Turn instructions:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin, what&rsquo;s my next turn?&rdquo;<br/><br/>Changes to your route:<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to stop the route.&rdquo;<br/>&ldquo;Alexa, ask Garmin to take a detour.&rdquo;<br/><br/>Note: Using the Garmin Speak device, you can also customize features and explore thousands of other skills in the Alexa app or Alexa Skills Store. Some skills require linking to your Amazon account. <br/><br/>*Drivers should focus on driving and only use this device when safe to do so <br/>**For vehicles that do not have Bluetooth or an AUX input, sound will be delivered through the Garmin Speak device<br/>***You should have or you must create an Alexa smart home skill that works with your smart home devices. <br/>****During setup users will enable the free Garmin Speak skill for exclusive Garmin turn-by-turn GPS navigation featuring always up-to-date maps of North America.<br/><br/>For more information, visit

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Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Garmin to find a gas station.
Alexa, ask Garmin to go home.
Alexa, ask Garmin, what's my next turn?

Release Date

October 17th 2017