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Game Time


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Or say "Alexa, enable Game Time"

A game timer used to keep pressure on the player by playing audio in the background and counting down final moments for the player.

When playing turn based games requiring a timer, instead of just playing an alert when the time is up, put more pressure on the player. Game Time keeps the clock ticking during the players turn in order to keep the pressure on and the excitement level up while the player attempts to take their turn before the clock runs out. <br /><br />Combine with the Alexa Voice Remote for Echo and Echo Dot for better control during a noisy group or party.

Invocation Name

game time

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Game Time for 30 seconds
Alexa, ask Game Time to put 1 minute on the clock
Alexa, ask Game Time for help

Release Date

March 1st 2017