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Or say "Alexa, enable Game Helper"

Game Helper can help you roll dice or simulate battles for role playing or battle board games

Use Game Helper to help generate dice rolls of any number of dice of any number of sides while optionally adding a modifier to the roll. Game Helper also can help simulate board game battle results (similar to &quot;Risk&quot;). It can simulate battles of any number of attackers versus any number of defenders. It can also calculate the probability of winning a battle of 2 tp 12 attackers versus 1 to 11 attackers.<br /><br />This skill does not require any special accounts or hardware.

Invocation Name

game helper

Interaction Examples

Alexa, use game helper to roll 8 die 6 plus 5
ask game helper to simulate 5 attackers versus 3 defenders
ask game helper to find the probability of 10 attackers beating 7 defenders

Release Date

February 28th 2017