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Curious about a fact related to the game you're playing? Ask game guide for quantities about your favorite games!

With new games and facts added each week, Game Guide is your one stop shop to learn more about the game's you know and love. Try asking about quantities of collectibles to start.<br/><br/>Update 11/11/2017<br/>Added 26 New Facts about MineCraft Recipes<br/>Added 1 New Fact about Banjo Kazooie<br/>Added Image Support to most MineCraft Recipes

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game guide

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Alexa, ask Game Guide how many Power Moons are there in Super Mario Odyssey
Alexa, ask Game Guide how many Jiggies are there in Banjo Kazooie
Alexa, ask Game Guide How many moons are there in the Mushroom Kingdom

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November 1st 2017