Game Geek - Alexa Skill

Game Geek

Ethan Falck


Or say "Alexa, enable Game Geek"

Game Geek is a fact skill by Ethan Falck that gives off random interesting video game facts

Game Geek is a fun little skill based off the Space Geek template. It will build up your knowledge of video games with 100 facts. To use it, simply say "Alexa, Game Geek" and she will give you 1 out of 100 cool video game facts. It has no prerequisites and you can use it immediately. I would like to thank the creators of the Space Geek template for both the template, and the inspiration for this skill. Big thanks to Tech Notification, Games Radar, Kickassfacts, and HowStuffWorks for help with the facts.

Invocation Name

game geek

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Game Geek
Alexa, ask Game Geek
Alexa, ask Game Geek to give me a video game fact

Release Date

May 21st 2016