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Game Dice


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Or say "Alexa, enable Game Dice"

Use Game Dice to have Alexa roll dice of various sizes for you.

The Game Dice skill allows Alexa to roll a number of multi-sided dice and announce the resulting total. With Game Dice, Alexa can roll up to 100 dice having anywhere between two and one hundred sizes. For example, asking Game Dice to roll either "three ten-sided dice" or "three ten-siders" will return a number between three and thirty. Game Dice understands the common gaming parlance of referring a ten-sided die as a "d10" (or whatever size die you'd like to have rolled).

Invocation Name

game dice

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Game Dice to roll three ten siders
Alexa, ask Game Dice to roll a six sided die
Alexa, ask Game Dice to roll four d eight

Release Date

December 19th 2015