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Or say "Alexa, enable Game Console"

Multiple game accessories in one skill! Flip a Coin/Ask Magic 8 Ball/Quick Pick Lottery numbers/Rock Paper Scissors/Roll Dice. Dynamic content

Game Console combines multiple accessories within one interactive skill. Current features include Flip a Coin, Ask Magic 8 Ball, Quick Pick random lottery numbers, Rock/Paper/Scissors and Roll the Dice. Each session will stay open until you ask to quit or no response is heard to keep the fun going. Results of most requests post to your Alexa card on your device. <br />Below are a few examples you can say:<br /><br />- Ask Game Console for a list of examples<br />- Roll Five Dice<br />- Give me Quick Pick numbers for PowerBall<br />- Rock Paper Scissors<br />- Flip a Coin<br />- Ask Magic Eight Ball if .....<br />- How do i say something<br /><br />Note: Some games will stay in listen mode afterwards to let you repeat the game request.

Invocation Name

game console

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Game Console
Give me quick pick numbers for Power Ball
Ask Game Console for a list of examples

Release Date

March 4th 2017