GalGax - Alexa Skill


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This is a complete role-playing adventure where 4 characters explore underground chambers, slay monsters, cast spells, and find treasure.

With this skill, Alexa is your dungeon master! Roleplay four characters through mysterious underground chambers. Many of the creatures you meet will try to kill you, but you can defend yourself with swords and spells.<br /><br />You need to start each command with &quot;Alexa tell Galgax...&quot;, except when rolling a 20-sided die, where you can just quickly say the number. (if you don't have such dice, you can say &quot;roll for me&quot; instead.)<br /><br />Figuring out what Galgax understands is part of the fun, but be sure to &quot;look around&quot; and &quot;attack giant rat one&quot; when needed. You can always ask for help, and check your Alexa app for a list of commands.

Invocation Name

gal gax

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Galgax
Alexa tell Galgax look around
Alexa tell Galgax everyone moves through the cellar door

Release Date

March 3rd 2017