GW2 Mystic Forge Buddy - Alexa Skill

GW2 Mystic Forge Buddy

Above The Bar

Or say "Alexa, enable GW2 Mystic Forge Buddy"

Supplementary tool for any Guild Wars 2 player that wants an easy way to find out mystic forge recipes.

This skill is an accessory tool that helps players of Guild Wars 2 easily learn and recall nearly any Mystic Forge recipe in the game. If you have ever worked toward a legendary you now just how much time is spent googling forging recipes. Now you can simply ask Alexa and she will break down which items are necessary to craft any of the +50 unique recipes.

Invocation Name

mystic forge buddy

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Mystic Forge Buddy how can I craft Bolt
Alexa, ask Mystic Forge Buddy how to make a Charged Lodestone
What do I need to forge an attuned ring

Release Date

July 11th 2017